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How it works

Hextractor will extract the colors from your stylesheet — whether they're hex codes, RGB, or named colors — and generate a color palette from them showing you exactly what you've got, displayed in the formats you prefer.

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About Hextractor

This tool was created as a way for web designers and developers to get a quick overview of all the colors used on their site, displayed along with their corresponding hex codes for easy reference.

Hextractor is a Corvid Works project. Corvid Works provides web services to individuals, small businesses, or people who just want help so they can get their own work done.

Some Extras

I've put up an HTML color chart showing all 147 named colors and their hexadecimal equivalent.

When building Hextractor I tried to take a shortcut and went out on the web hoping to find that someone else had gone through the trouble of coding up a simple map of named HTML colors with their hexadecimal equivalents. While I found lots of tables displaying them, I couldn't find any usable code, so I had to do it myself. To save others the trouble, I've released the source of my PHP colormapping class, and also ported it to Ruby. It includes the complete list of 147 named colors, including the non-W3C colors, in an associative array, along with helper methods for converting colors between hexadecimal, RGB, or named colors.


Hextractor requires JavaScript, and has been tested in current versions of Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X and Windows, and Internet Explorer 7.0 and above on Windows.